Does the phones ring under Salah? This is annoying and distracting for all the community how came for peace and prayers in the Masjid. My-Masjid solution had one great feature i.e. “Reminders”. In main settings of iOS app, there is a reminder settings section, where you can enable/disable specific reminders and select custom sound for your reminders.

If you click on “Reminder Sound” section, you will see a long list of sounds. Select anyone of your daily choice of sound from within the app sound library and click on save button.

If you go to “Enable/Disable Reminders” from settings, there are two portions for each Nimaz. Remind minute from Nimaz and remind minute from Iqamah. You can specify the time and enable/disable the sound in advance.

In case of relocating you need to reselect the Masjid and set the reminders accordingly.