Frequently asked technical questions for My-Masjid
Strange characters on screen

The screen does not show salah times but continues to show weird characters like {{organizationNameP}} {{organizationNameS}} {{subheading}}

The error is due to a new update of Google Chrome (version 70) at the end of October 2018. To solve the problem, you need a some knowledge of Windows. If you do not have it, find one who can help you.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Press the Windows key and open File explore
1. Open the C: drive
2. Open the folder C: SALSABIL or C: MY-MASJID. You will find only one of these names.
3. Find the (bat) file in the folder called “salsabil”, “my-masjid” or “my-masjid-step 2”. You will find only one of these names.
4. Open the file by right clicking and choosing Edit (Edit)
5. In the file you will find a few lines of text. After the text – start fullscreen add the following text:


Remember spaces before and after this sentence and (“) both places as indicated.
6. Save the file after this change.
7. Double-click the newly edited (bat) file in File explore to see if the salah times are now displayed correctly. If there are still errors, review step 5 for missing spaces or other spelling mistakes.
8. When everything is as it should be, press the windows button and restart the computer. 
The error should now be resolved.

Black Screen

There is no power to the system
Check via TV remote control that there is power for the TV. See if the blue power light on the PC is on.

The TV source may be switched off from the HDMI input to which the PC is connected
With TV remote control select the correct source to which the PC is connected (HDMI).

PC does not send image to HDMI. 
This may be due to an incorrect “pause screen” mode or missing Windows updates. Take the keyboard, press F11 to make the salah board smaller.
Restart Windows with the keyboard.
If there is no contact to Windows, restart PC from Power button on PC (hold Power button for 5 sec, wait 10 sec, press Power button again).

When the motion sensor activates the screen, the screen does not find HDMI source
Check with TV remote control if the display is in Store mode or Home mode. Try changing to a state other than the current.

Wrong Time

The PC clock loses or wins time continuously but Windows updates the time from the internet. If the internet is unstable or unavailable, the clock drifts more and more. The clock can win or lose up to 2 seconds per day i.e. 1 minute per month.
Take the keyboard, press F11 to make the salah board smaller. Update time in Windows by pressing date and time at the bottom right corner, etc.

Messages on the screen

Messages can be from Windows or Chrome browser.
Take a picture of the screen with your phone camera and send to the Support contact below. Check before sending messages that the text is readable on the image.
Take the keyboard and remove the messages.

No Sound at Adhan or Iqamah

The volume of PC or monitor is too low
Take the TV remote control and check that the volume is between eg. 50-80.
Take the keyboard, press F11 to make the salah board smaller. See if speaker is active and set volume in Windows to 80%.

Chrome does not allow sound from new pages
Google Chrome has updated policies (version 70) in october 2018 that only allow webpages to play audio if the user interacts with the page. This can be solved as follows:
1. In the Chrome address bar, type: chrome: // flags
2. In the search box on the new page write: autoplay policy
3. In the drop down box, select: no user gesture is required.
4. Close Chrome browser
5. Restart PC

The screen has Bluetooth enabled
Disable Bluetooth from screen so that the screen does not send audio to other devices nearby.

Other errors

Take a picture of the screen with your phone camera and send to the Support contact below. Check before sending, that the text messages on the screen are readable on the image.

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